Tuesday, 20 October 2015

ABE Learner Profile: Evans Irungu Macharia

After working  through ABE levels to achieve a Level 6 Diploma, Evans topped up to a Bachelors degree and now plans to do a Masters. Here he talks about why he chose ABE and the skills he gained from his studies.

“I'm a self-driven, passionate, ambitious and open minded person with a positive attitude towards life.  I am a bonafide Kenyan born in a family of two. I hold a graduate Level 6 Diploma in Business Management from ABE which I studied at the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies and a further Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Kenya Methodist University (KEMU). I have great interest in business and corporate social responsibility.  My objective is to work in a challenging and dynamic business environment that provides an opportunity for personal growth and career development.

I chose ABE because of their fast-track route to university that would help me save time and money.  In addition, ABE is internationally recognised around the world and hence I have pride in an international qualification which would easily earn me a job the world over.

Whilst thousands of individuals are competing for jobs in Kenya, ABE graduates are viewed to hold world class qualifications and thus are seen to be productive, their skills make them stand out and they are viewed to be excellent at task implementation.

My immediate plan is to enroll for a part-time Masters degree in one of the leading universities in Kenya.

One of the best things about studying with ABE is that you get wide exposure since their syllabus focuses on what’s happening globally.  Secondly, you develop a professional attitude and are eager to learn more.  Thirdly, you get a qualification recognised internationally and hence making you suitable for the labour market. Lastly, an ABE qualification gives you a competitive edge.

The skills I gained from ABE include strategic management, corporate governance, financial reporting, marketing, strategic planning, managing organisations, quantitative analysis and leadership among many others.

I have so much that I have learnt from ABE, my long-term career plan is to work not only in Kenya or Africa but to spread my wings further and work across the globe in Europe, Asia and the US."

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