Monday, 12 October 2015

A day in the life of an ABE regional manager

In our series of job profiles, regional manager for East Africa, Aloyo Amateshe, describes his career and how he came by his role at ABE, as well as what a typical day might consist of.

How I started

I did all my studies in Kenya. After successfully completing a Level 7 qualification I topped up to an MBA.  Along the way, I have done many other professional courses.

My parents are both excellent and experienced teachers by profession. As a result, I have always had a keen interest in education. However, my vocational qualifications and first degree were in IT. While working in the IT sector, I was informed of an opening with a UK awarding organisation for a regional business manager. What encouraged me to apply was the fact that a degree in education was not mandatory. I aced the interview and found myself working in education. I enjoyed the work immensely and this served to confirm my love for this sector. I had the task of growing the company’s vocational qualifications portfolio while at the same time protecting their current business through high-level customer care and support. I worked as an International Education Consultant for six years before pursuing different interests and challenges.

Where I am now
I joined ABE in 2015. Having known them from my college days, I was quick to notice the positive changes and campaigns going on, especially on social media.

My overall role is that of helping to increase the visibility of ABE’s qualifications in Kenya and East Africa at large. The most important skills required for such a position include customer care, public relations, negotiation and presentation. I would mention that anyone looking to grow their career in this field must have a sharp focus on public speaking skills.

Here is my typical day

The start of the day
I usually write down my to do list which I fondly abbreviate on a fresh page of my notebook as TTDTD (Things To Do Today). Next, I access my Facebook account to send birthday greetings to all contacts celebrating one on that particular day.  After that, I proceed to the main ABE Facebook page to check any new posts that may have been put up. Should there be any important articles or links I get to read them at that time. This exercise is limited to 30 minutes. Finally, I read and respond to emails before getting on with the rest of my schedule.

Daily tasks
Emailing ranks at the very top of my daily activity, receiving and making calls to our accredited partners is next as part of my customer care. My schedule can, however, be unpredictable especially when I have to carry out an inspection of a prospective ABE partner or perhaps have a meeting with an existing institution.

The best things about my job
I enjoy giving talks to students when I visit ABE colleges. As a mentor, I enjoy imparting some life skills (such as time management, personal branding and leadership) to learners, in addition to useful information such as what ABE is all about and why they have made the right choice to take up an ABE qualification. It’s usually very interesting.

I’m proud of learners who are not shy to ask questions. I’m also proud of institutions that demonstrate good planning by alerting me about upcoming activities early in the day – such as graduation ceremonies where I’m expected to be one of the key guests. Finally, I’m most proud of learners who excel at their ABE qualifications while in the quest for a bright future.

The skills that make a great regional manager
One needs to have excellent knowledge of the market and of ABE’s qualifications.  You need to be excellent at networking, a good communicator and consultative seller.  You also need to be patient, know how to negotiate, have an approachable personality, manage time at every opportunity, and be good at public speaking and giving presentations.

The last task of the day
If time allows, I usually write down my plan for the next day. I then go back to the official ABE Facebook page to check if there are any new postings or perhaps to see the kind of responses earlier posts have elicited. I also try my best to ensure that all emails have been read and responded to before calling it a day. This includes sending out emails to confirm receipt of important information while promising to provide required feedback as soon as possible.

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