Monday, 5 October 2015

What makes a website great?

At ABE websites are on our minds.  This is because the time has come for the current ABE site to be updated to something faster, more responsive, easier to navigate and that will, generally, look pretty fantastic!

Apart from being fantastic, designers and developers asked us if there is anything the new site absolutely must (or must not) do. Like many businesses we have many stakeholders with widely varied requirements and the new site needs to be brilliant for everyone. To ensure we achieve this, we created our top 10 checklist of what we think makes a website great: 
  1. It starts with clever design – a well-designed homepage will link you straight to what matters most to you and the business
  2. It’s fast - no one wants to sit around waiting for information to load
  3. It's about you – it has useful, relevant and more importantly updated content so you find the exact information you are after
  4. Location, Location, Location – it delivers content to you based on your location, such as upcoming events in your area
  5. It tells you everything – you will know who the company are, exactly what they do and where they do it so you’re not left with half information and unanswered questions
  6. Connects you with the rest of the world – like it, share it, follow them
  7. You don’t need to read (much) – unless you require detailed technical specifications the best websites are those that provide you with punchy, at-a-glance information with the minimum amount of reading required
  8. It has a clear call to action – if you have gone onto the website to achieve something, such as make a purchase or become a member, then you should be guided to a simple and fast process to complete your objective
  9. It’s responsive – it goes without saying that nowadays a great website should remain great on all devices
  10. It looks awesome – design is a subjective thing, but clever use of imagery, graphics and layout can take a website from the functional to the exceptional. This makes visiting it a pleasurable thing.  

We have another 100 (or a million..) things on our wish list, but these ten are the most important and the new ABE website is being designed to meet this list. But what do you think makes a website great?  If you have some other suggestions let us know…

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