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Profile: How studying ABE helped learner, Jessica Reed, start her own business!

Hi Jessica. Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m originally from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire (UK) but moved to Shrewsbury to live with my dad nearly two years ago. Before studying with ABE I completed a Level 3 Business Admin course, also at Shrewsbury College.

Why did you choose to study ABE?
An ex-member of the college staff inspired me to stretch and challenge my business skills following on from my Business Admin course.

You’re studying at Shrewsbury College – what was your experience there like?
I’ve really enjoyed it. All the staff are very supportive and overall with the business course I found it to be a very immersive experience.

Tell us a bit about Churros City
Churros City is a small business that sells Churros, which is a Spanish dessert delicacy. We sell it at events, markets and food festivals.
My dad made an impulse purchase a few years ago and brought the majority of the equipment to make churros in an auction on eBay. When I joined the ABE course I dug around in the garage and realised that I had the start of a business.

Where did the idea for the name come from?
Churros City was just a bad pun that my dad came up with, ‘Satisfy your Churros City’, but it looks great as a logo and people seem to remember it.

Who else do you work with?
I work with my dad, his partner and a family friend.

Where are you based?
Churros City is based in Shrewsbury but we travel to various festivals and markets.

What sort of events have you catered for?
The biggest event we had done so far is The Green Gathering festival in Chepstow. We have also been at Beaumaris Food Festival, Oswestry Market, the Oswestry Christmas Fair and various fun days.

Where do you see the company going?
It’s only early days as I set Churros City up half way through 2014. This year I am looking to do more festivals and slowly grow the business. The business fits in a trailer so anything is possible. We are taking bookings if anyone out there is looking for something a bit different!

What skills have you gained from studying with ABE?
ABE has improved my skills massively. It’s taught me about many different business skills, which have helped enormously with my confidence when I am faced with challenges within the business.

How did studying ABE help you when starting Churros City?
ABE has specifically helped me get my business plan together, financial planning and develop a strategic marketing plan. On top of this my tutor Amelia has offered a lot of support from the beginning, which has been an amazing help. The other students on the course are also very supportive, sharing ideas and feedback as well as offering to be taste testers!

What is the best thing about studying with ABE?
The best thing about this ABE course is that it has helped with Churros City and that Churros City helps me with this ABE course.

What are your long-term career plans for the future?
I think it’s too early to say, but at the moment I am thoroughly enjoying both my study and my business. We will see where they take me!

You can find out more about Jessica's business from

This interview first appeared in the May issue of ABE Members' magazine, Student Focus.

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