Monday, 29 June 2015

Five ways to make sure you never stop learning

An author called Anthony D'Angelo once said: “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”   It is also likely to ensure you enjoy a long and successful career.  Here are five suggestions to help you develop both your knowledge and your career, from ABE Marketing Director, Kate Winter:
  1. Keep investing in yourself.   Once you start working do short courses, online courses and find out what your organisation will do to support your continued professional development.
  2. Join professional institutions.  This will give you plenty of opportunity for professional advancement and keep you up to date with the latest industry thinking.
  3. Make the effort to go to industry events – apart from keeping you informed about what is going on more widely in your sector, once you start to become recognised and make contacts you will become a known industry figure and this will help your professional reputation as well as your industry knowledge.
  4. Read widely to keep yourself up to date. For example, technology is changing processes ever faster.  Ensure you are ahead of the curve and remain aware of trends that could impact on your business. This will hone your ability to anticipate MACRO environmental factors and plan accordingly.  If you are seen to do this you will gain the on-going respect of your colleagues.
  5. Ask a senior member of staff to mentor you.  Choose someone who is admired and respected for their values as well as having the career you aspire to.  See how they do things, learn and follow best practice but don’t mimic.  You need to have your own voice and use your knowledge and experience to develop your own way of doing things.
At ABE, a passion for learning is our business, and we believe investing in your professional development is the most important investment you will ever make.   Find out more at

Kate Winter is a skilled brand manager who has marketed professional certification schemes for The Treasury, The World Bank, ISACA and CESG (part of GCHQ). She joined ABE to head up its marketing department from APMG International where she played a key role in bringing innovations to market.

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