Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Why I love being an ABE area manager

Kereesa (far right) with Pride Sinkala ABE Zambia and
Lyndon Jones ABE Founder.
Hi there,

I am Kereesa Carrington-Nunez and I hale from Trinidad and Tobago. ABE has made an invaluable contribution to my success. I opted to pursue the ABE programme after I found that enrolling directly onto a degree programme was both costly and challenging. ABE was the stark opposite of that. It proved to be a quality professional programme at a comparatively low cost with unconventional flexibility. It was perfect for juggling family commitments and a budding professional life.

The rewards

Opting to study ABE had far reaching ripple effects on my life. Following completion of ABE I became an ABE Lecturer, the skills and knowledge that I amassed put me in high demand to deliver university level programmes on an international scale. 

In July 2015 I was awarded Educator Par Excellence by the Tobago Cultural Committee and voted one of the top 10 Young Achievers of Tobago.

The successes of ABE further evolved as I became an ABE Ambassador in my country. As the Country Manager my networks mushroomed as I represented the awarding body to perspective students, alumni, colleges, accreditation agencies and numerous other stakeholders. The position awakened a deep passion in me of wanting to pass the education I had to others and it brought me closer to self actualisation. Not only did it carry intrinsic rewards but it was a paid position.

The team

Being able to work with a competent team of professionals from a global perspective with the support of  ABE's Founder Lyndon Jones made the journey even more fulfilling. The staff in the UK - Kabilan, Emma, Gill, Vanda, Stephen, Kenneth and Kerry - have been at ABE as long as I can remember.  They are most amiable, competent and above all patient and willing to share and receive ideas. What would seem the arduous task of conceptualising and implementing a globally coordinated strategy would become a learning experience that yielded immeasurable successes in Trinidad.

I am now the Regional Manager to the Caribbean for ABE, still an ABE Ambassador and even more privileged! Today I operate under the auspices of a poised visionary in our CEO Gareth Robinson and an expanding team with a contemporary flare  including Sue, Kate, Linda, Lisa and Mark among others. The collective experiences of ABE Head Office staff coupled with localised perspectives of the Area Managers makes ABE a relevant, dynamic education provider whose qualifications are adaptable to any context.

Could this be your story?

So if you think you have the drive and passion to be an ABE Area Manager what are you waiting for? Come join us! You shape your destiny, you choose your starting point - a student or an ambassador; the bottom line - exponential learning and earning potential!

To find out about becoming an ABE Area Manager click 
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  1. Congratualations and thanks to the abe.

  2. Congratualations and thanks to the abe.

  3. I wonder why ABE is not being coming to Nigeria? We're estranged from the ABE student community. I'm pissed off!

    1. Hi Adeniyi, I am sorry to read you feel unhappy. I can assure you we value Nigeria. Next week we are publishing a blog about a successful Nigerian alumni. We have also recently employed three area managers who you are welcome to contact with your suggestions and concerns:

      Best wishes
      Linda (marketing and communications)

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