Monday, 21 September 2015

Alumni profile: Dennis Oriaku, Nigeria

Dennis has completed the ABE Level 6 Diploma and has found it has supports his successful career as an HR supervisor.  He has also found he feels well-equipped to develop further academically and become a business leader.

My name is Dennis Oriaku. I am a level 6 graduate of the ABE Business Management. Since 2012 I have been working with Provast Limited, Nigeria, as the Human Resource Supervisor. I enjoy every bit of my working life which has been filled with achievements; I have won the best staff award consecutively since 2012.
I chose to study for an ABE qualification because of its worldwide acceptability and the depth of knowledge the programme offered. Also, its seamless progression into degrees and Masters programmes in various countries around the world.

I started out with International Study Centre at Ikeja in Nigeria and later opted for self-study. It was not easy studying on my own and I had to devote time to research on the internet, studying my textbooks and the study packs provided by ABE to advance my knowledge.

ABE qualifications are still in a growth stage in Nigeria. At first some employers didn’t see the need to hire an ABE graduate but that has changed as ABE students have proved by achieving excellence on the job. All my friends who started this great path are working with their ABE qualifications and succeeding in their various jobs.

I wish to continue to a BBA and MBA at Northwood University in the United States of America this year (fall 2015).

ABE helped me to be equipped for the workplace. It was easy for me to fit into the  working environment and it also made me a top performer! ABE studies have also contributed to my professional and career progression and I’m happy to have joined this great organisation.

Through ABE I have been able to understand business and the impact of the environment on businesses. I have also been able to manage my private businesses and I am working on diversifying and partnering for expansion purposes.
Part of my plan is to become a business mogul and shape the world of business. I see a great Africa economy rising and I want to be a part of this future. I also operate two businesses and am planning on diversifying into other areas as soon as possible.

It’s been a worthwhile journey and I tell you all (members and intending members), “The ABE journey continues……”

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