Thursday, 4 September 2014

Zarni Htun from Myanmar won the President’s Prize in the December 2013 ABE examinations

Tell us a bit about yourself – where you’re from, your family, educational background, employment.

I come from the Delta Zone, but I have been living in Yangon for 10 years. I came here to study business administration at The Institute of Economics in Yangon and, after college, went to work as a human resource officer. Then I heard about ABE and started to study, doing evening courses.

I am single and live with my sister here in Yangon. I am working as a human resource manager at DKSI, a firm providing market expansion services.

Why did you choose to study ABE?

ABE is the only specialist provider of human resource management programmes in Myanmar.
Where did you study your ABE course?
I studied at Myanmar Human Resources (MHR), because it has such a good reputation for teaching and results. I really loved my studies at MHR, and also the ABE syllabus.  I use the skills it has taught me every day at work.

What impression do the public and employers in Myanmar have of ABE?

Many of my colleagues now study for ABE, after seeing what it has done for me.

What does winning the ABE President’s Prize mean to you?

It made me really happy and more confident in my abilities. I heard by phone on the 1st April and thought it must be an April Fool’s joke!  I rang my parents and they were really proud of me  In my family everyone is either a doctor or a government servant, but my parents gave me the freedom to choose my career.
You have just completed your Level 6 Diploma. What are your immediate plans?

I plan to do an MBA in Yangon – basically, to continue my studies. 

What is the best thing about studying with ABE?

As I said, it’s so relevant to my daily work. For me the best thing was ABE - they introduced study manuals for Human Resource Management (HRM) at Level 5. (You can download all study manuals for Levels 4-6 in the Business Management pathway for free on the QCF Resources section of the Members Area. You can purchase manuals for the HRM-specific subjects at Levels 4 and 5 from BPP at

 What skills have you gained from studying with ABE?

 I have learnt time management, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

 What are your long-term career plans?
 Over the next five to 10 years’ I would like to think that I be leading a human resources department.

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