Monday, 28 July 2014

ABE Level 7 graduate tells his story

ABE was recently visited by Top Paper Award winner and Level 7 graduate David Yevugah.   David had successfully completed the ABE Level 7 Diploma in Business Management in 2012 and used it to top up to an MBA from the University of Northampton by distance learning.  Now, he is visiting the UK for the first time for his graduation ceremony.   

Those of you who are members of our Facebook Group may have seen David’s own posting about his graduation.  But what you may not know is that he  managed to achieve this whilst working long hours for the Ghana Police Service and teaching part-time.  He is the oldest of seven children and the first in his family to gain a higher level qualification. This is what he had to say…

Did you find the MBA difficult?  Not really, because I had gone through the same procedure with my ABE Level 7 studies and so I was well prepared for what I had to do.  The ABE qualification serves as a great springboard for Masters level study.

What made you decide to study ABE?  I chose ABE because of the learning resources it offers.  It meant I could catch up on my studies in between working. I also checked with the universities about which qualifications were recognised for progression and they all recognised ABE.

What are your hopes for the future?  I hope to do a PhD and become a full time lecturer.  What I enjoy most is imparting knowledge.  I have been offered places on several courses so I am working hard to save enough money to go ahead and realise my dream. 

Tell us about your job:  I have worked for the Ghana Police Service for ten years.  I work in the training department and took my dissertation in training.  I am also working part-time for local colleges teaching professional courses.

How has your work benefited from your ABE studies?   My boss says he has noticed a big difference in me. Having this qualification gives you a professionalism and practicality.  Now, he relies on me to check every document before it goes to him.  I encourage all new recruits to the police service to get a professional qualification because of the practicality it gives you and the pride in your reputation and respect from fellow police personnel which makes you strive to be a better person.

How was it when you started your studies?  When I first started, my study group didn’t take me seriously because I was a policeman and in Ghana there is a perception that policemen are not academic.  I don’t feel I was an exceptional student but I was very determined and hardworking and as a result achieved the Top Paper Award for my year.

Did you have any setbacks?  I had originally planned to come to the UK and study here to get my MBA but I couldn’t get a sabbatical from the Police Service and I couldn’t risk losing my job so I had to complete the MBA by distance learning.

What advice would you give anyone thinking of doing this qualification?  ABE qualifications are recognised worldwide. The destiny for the development of Africa and the world as a whole depends on practical and professional education and this can be achieved through ABE.

All of us at ABE feel proud to be part of David’s journey and wish him every success for the future.  We have no doubt he will make a great lecturer!

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