Friday, 13 April 2012

Putting students first

By Jon Swindell, Head of Publishing

ABE has always strived to support its global network of students as effectively and efficiently as possible. As a not-for-profit organisation, ABE reinvests any surplus into the services and resources it provides to its members.

The number of resources has gradually increased over the years and the quality continues to improve as ABE seeks new ways of communicating and delivering them to its members.
Apart from the Syllabus documents themselves which break down the learning outcomes on which you will be assessed, you can also access Lecture Guides which offer tips from the examiner as to how the units should be taught and studied, and where the focus is for each learning outcome.
ABE prides itself on its range of Study Manuals. These books are tailored specifically to cover the learning outcomes of the respective syllabuses and are essential reading for all students studying these subject units. Currently, students can purchase Study Manuals for all subject units in the Business Management programme as well as for subject units in the Diploma Level 4 and Diploma Level 5 of the Human Resource Management programme. The Business Management Study Manuals can also be used by students who are studying other ABE programmes where the subject unit is common to their programme.
To prepare students for the exams themselves, ABE offers Past Question Papers and Suggested Answers. These allow students to ensure they are learning and revising effectively and that they are familiar with exactly how the exam will be structured.
As a member of ABE, a student will automatically receive a copy of Student Focus magazine. This quarterly magazine is written specifically for ABE students and so contains essential news and information about ABE programmes and examinations as well as useful Study Tips and fascinating Special Features.

When a student completes their ABE Diploma Level 5, they automatically achieve Associate status. In so doing, they become eligible to receive Business Executive magazine by post. This magazine, which is also published on a quarterly basis, contains interesting articles from expert writers from the fields of industry and commerce. The magazine aims to help you contextualise your learning with case studies from around the world, and to broaden your further reading.
ABE’s new-look website contains information on how students can access these benefits and many more – most of which are stored in the Members Area.

Do you have any comments on ABE’s resources or any suggestions as to how we can improve them?


  1. well done...keep progressing..please consider launching PGD HRM. Thank you

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