Friday, 30 March 2012

How important is a website for modern business?

As of 31 December 2011, 32.7 %* of the world’s population is using the internet. With the number of internet users around the world growing at such a rapid rate it is imperative for businesses both big and small to mark their presence in the World Wide Web. A business website is usually the first encounter a customer has with a given business. It is like any first impression, so therefore it must be impressive, clean, clear and user friendly.

The internet in today’s competitive business world is treated as a business directory where consumers expect to find all information pertaining to a service and/or product before making a sound purchasing decision. A well designed business website serves as a point of reference where both existing and potential customers can find all information relevant to a business and its offerings.  It is therefore wise for a business to use their website as a space to educate their potential customers and also use it as a support for existing customers.
Bearing this in mind and celebrating the launch of ABE’s website and blog. What do you think about ABE’s new website?

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