Thursday, 4 February 2016

David Osman Chazungulira, HR and Operations Manager, Victory Christian Children's Home, Malawi

David grew up in an orphanage having lost his parents and brothers early in life so his path has been far from easy.  However, through hard work and determination achieved his ABE HRM Diploma and has built a successful career.

“I am from a family of five.  I have two sisters and two brothers, unfortunately my brothers passed away together with both my parents when I was five and I was taken to an orphanage where I grew up and did all my studies. I did my ABE studies in HRM from 2009 to 2012. Now I am married and have a daughter.

I work at Victory Christian Children’s Home - an orphanage founded by Dr. Charles Trombley in 1993. Its main objective is to provide homes for orphans and morally, spiritually and generally educate them.  I work here as Human Resource and Operations Manager
I particularly enjoy the conflict resolving part of HR, because it broadens knowledge and experience in HRM field

It hasn’t been an easy path to come to this point it took hard-work and determination. I did not do well all at once but I never gave up, I pushed until I got what I needed.

I learnt about ABE qualifications from a friend who was doing Business Administration, I initially I thought I would just try the qualifications but along the way I begun to like my studies more and more. I had no knowledge about the HRM field until I opted for this course and now I can do things that I never dreamt of doing before.

ABE studies are not easy to a lazy person, it takes time studying and determination to accomplish your goal. Study hard and never give up until you get what you strive for - that’s my advice to those starting ABE studies.”

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  1. Wow wonderful story Mr David Osman Chazungulira,and am wishing you a very success in ur career,My God Bless you for a good opt on Abe.