Thursday, 20 August 2015

Great exam results, now what about the certificate?

Success!   You have achieved your ABE Diploma.  All you need now is your certificate.   This is what happens after results have been published.

First ten days

After publishing results, a period of ten working days is allowed for any Enquiries About Results and Appeals. 

The next ten days

We commit to taking no more than 10 working days from receipt of forms to review and process all Appeals.

Once this process is complete we can then start printing certificates.  No learners should be disadvantaged which is why we cannot print until any queries, that could hold up someone’s certificate,  have been dealt with – we endeavour to complete this process as quickly as possible.

The next four to six weeks

Each person’s certificate is printed individually according to Ofqual requirements.   Because this is a secure process and certificates have built in features which protect them against fraud, printing for so many can take time. 

As much as possible we try to post all certificates together at the same time, so that all learners, ideally, receive their certificates around the same time.  However, postal services between the UK and different countries can vary considerably and, sometimes, even different regions can receive documents at different times. 

Three months after results

Because of the variances in postage we ask you to allow three months from issue of results to receive your certificate. But this is the worst case and usually most people receive their certificate sooner than this.  In the unlikely event that after three months your certificate has not arrived please contact us immediately so that we can trace what has happened to it and, if necessary, issue a replacement.  We can only issue replacements if we are told of a certificate not arriving between three and six months of the result date, so don’t allow too much time to pass before contacting us.

Whilst waiting:  we have published results in a printable format.  This means you can use it as printed evidence of your achievement before your certificate arrives. Also see our check list below to ensure your certificate is dispatched correctly.

We look forward to sending your certificate and wish you every success in your future endeavours.


  1. Hi!
    Glad the results were generally good. I and others on my course in Lusaka have had issues with the marking. Having emailed a query I received a response informing me there has been a technical error or your side and marks have been amended.

    However, as yet I have have yet to see any amendments to my marks on the member's website. Is this process still ongoing?

    My results throughout your programs have consistently been either As or Bs, and now I find myself with Cs and Ds at Level 5b. I am confident in my performance in these exams, and find it interesting that this drop in my grades coincides with this 'technical error', particularly given the switch to a new marking system last year which now - after the results are out - has swiftly been dropped again.

    Several of my fellow students have called the office in Lusaka and had their results changed at no charge, while others like myself seem to be directed towards the £25 per course administrative checking process, which strikes me as grossly unfair given your acknowledged 'technical issues'.

    I have looked on your websites and social media, and no mention of this issue can be found, so I'm not sure if you're withholding information regarding the 'technical issues' deliberately, or if you have yet to get round to updating us?
    Would it be possible to let us know what is going on and what we need to do to have our concerns addressed please, as this is causing me no small amount of stress and it is keeping me from the studying I should already have embarked on for Level 6 as I cannot budget for the enrollment until I’ve had a sensible response to my query.
    Your response would be greatly appreciated, and I shall continue patiently waiting for it.

    Kind regards

    1. The technical issue affected a few people on particular units and those affected were contacted directly by email or through their college. If you have specific query still relating to this you best course is to email:

  2. I thing this is great Abe should do more publications like this to help student know the time limit to receive their mails this will go a long way to reduce the frustration that some students encounter at times with our local or country representative and institution.we hope to receive more updates info
    Atangh paul (MABE)

  3. I good morning , I never received my certificate in business management to date and Abe never sent any via mail. Please asisit on my next available option.

    1. For this query you need to contact who will look into the matter for you.

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